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    Zhengzhou FangYuan Packaging Materials CO., LTD., established on September 1, 2003, is a mechanized bag making enterprise that produces and sells various color printing bags, square bottom valve bags, seed bags, fertilizer bags, chemical bags, paper-plastic composite bags, inner film bags, lid light bags and so on. With the business tenet of "market-oriented, reputation winning", we are engaged in the production and sales of various packaging bags. With reliable quality products, high-quality......

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  • : How should I choose a flour bag?
    答:Flour bag is one of the products produced by woven bag processing factory, but for flour mill customers, how should they choose to buy flour bags? This question has been consulted by customers and has not found a suitable answer.
  • : Which common packaging material for rice, which lasts longer?
    答:Rice is something that everyone comes into contact with every day, and when you go to the supermarket to buy rice, there are many kinds of rice bags on the shelves. The main factor affecting the quality of rice is pests, and to extend the storage time of rice, it is necessary to understand the insect control function of common packaging.
  • : Woven bags should be protected from direct sunlight
    答:Woven bags under sunlight are easy to age, shorten the service life, experiments show that plastic woven bags in the natural environment, that is, under direct sunlight conditions, its strength will be reduced by 25% after one week, and will be reduced by 40% after two weeks, basically can not be used.
  • : What are the causes of wrinkling on both sides of the paper-plastic woven bag?
    答:When using a paper-plastic woven bag, the two sides of the cloth may be tight and the middle loose. But what is the reason for wrinkling on both sides of the paper-plastic woven bag? The following woven bag manufacturers briefly introduce the reasons and treatment methods for wrinkling on both sides of the paper-plastic woven bag.
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